Steve counts himself as one lucky guy; somehow without much initial planning he’s ended up in a career that he seriously loves. He considered a few different career paths, but when it comes down to it his core driver is people, and that’s what this job is all about.

Steve came on board as Angela’s business partner in Consult’s very early days, and now spends his time working with the team to make sure they’re the best damn operators in the market.

He still gets involved at nearly every level of our recruitment process, with a particular emphasis on the CFO and Financial Controller market.

When he isn't helping the team recruit the best in town for the best in town, he is actively trying to fit in a pretty busy personal life.  A young family and property development keep him pretty busy right now.

He’s also into a spot of snowboarding when time allows, and is partial to a strategic meeting with Paul on the golf course or an impromptu “board meeting” when the swell’s up.

Steve and the team at Consult work tirelessly to ensure the role gets filled with the most suitable person. This means that the candidates put forward fit well with both my style and my teams. I have no hesitation recommending Consult.


In recruiting our most recent vacancy, we went not only to Consult but to 3 other large recruitment firms. Once again Consult proved its worth in providing candidates of a higher quality and better fit than the other firms. Consult is my first port of call when looking for new staff, and I would not hesitate to recommend them to others.


I first met with Steve at Consult over 2 years ago. He and his team have always gone out of their way to meet my accounting recruitment needs. They have provided constant feedback around progress and followed up regularly. If you are looking for accounting candidates, I would highly recommend that you give Consult the opportunity to impress you.


Thank you Steven and the team at Consult! I am amazed at the level of service I received. This includes support throughout the interview process, support when the job offer was made, support after hours, and support from other staff at Consult when Steve was unavailable. When I contemplated my decision whether to take the job offered through Consult, they assisted me in such a professional manner and never forced their own agenda. I would recommend you to all my previous, current and future employers and colleagues, in a heartbeat.


Steve set himself apart from the rest immediately by taking the time to get to know me as a person rather than just another candidate. Consult gave me regular feedback about the state of the market and what they were doing to secure employment for me. It came as no surprise to me that when I got an offer, it came through Consult.


Angela put me completely at ease throughout the interview process. She was interested in me as a person and what I wanted to achieve and she actually wanted to help. Steve placed me in a long term assignment and the support I received from Steve was outstanding.


Steve was head and shoulders above anybody else I met. You guys have a great formula - don't change it!


I have worked with Steve as both a client, and as a candidate. I have found both experiences to be very positive. I have always been impressed that whether you are a client or a candidate you are treated with respect and care. The team at Consult have always spent the time to fully understand my needs, the organisation and the candidate requirements.


I have found Consult to have a variety of candidates and to only put forward for interview the ones that are worth my time meeting. This saves me time and money.


Steven put me in touch with what is my current employer, I found him extremely professional and his approach to the most relevant in the industry today.


I would say that Consult’s point of difference is that they seem genuinely interested in the people they put forward and making sure those people are a good fit for my team. My discussions with Steve and the team are about people fit and not skills (as those are taken as a given). This has helped ensure that both sides know what they are letting themselves in for!


I have dealt with Consult both as a candidate and in looking to fulfil staffing requirements. Consult has always provided a positive outcome for us, putting forward candidates with consideration to more than just what is on paper. We have always recruited based on team fit – something Consult has understood well.


Steve and Angela are friendly, professional and approachable at all times either for advice or just a catch up. I never hesitate to recommend Consult Recruitment to friends and colleagues who are searching for work, approaching them was the best decision I could have made.


Consult have been so great, I have no hesitation in recommending ONLY them to anyone seeking either quality candidates or great work opportunities.


Steven understands that his business relies on the quality of his candidates, so my interests were looked after throughout the recruitment process. He put me in touch with a quality employer and delivered a result no other recruitment agency could. I highly recommend Steven and Consult.


Thank you for helping me find my job - words are not enough. For all you people looking to find a job, Consult Recruitment is the way to go - you will never regret registering with them.


I dread interviews, even if it’s just a simple meet and greet - but I was immediately put at ease during our whole interview. I found Steven to be easy-going and honest and I totally trust that Consult will look after me. Keep up the awesome work!


I have always found Consult's staff to be friendly, approachable and on top of things. Consult is the only agency I recommend to either employers or colleagues searching for a role.


I was super impressed with Steve's personable nature. He was genuine and honest about how he saw the market and roles available.


Steven has been fantastic and so helpful. I really appreciate the time and effort that has been shown. I've recommended Consult to everyone I know looking for work. Thanks for the great work - keep it up!


Having had a long association with Steve, I have always found him to be very professional, friendly and approachable. I very much enjoy dealing with Consult and have no hesitation recommending them. Keep up the good work!


Steve and Angela were enthusiastic, warm and extremely professional. I was given sound advice in response to my queries throughout my job search. Great feedback on improving my CV, too.


Consult provides a great service and is different to many run of the mill recruiters. They really stand out from the rest.


Consult is the first recruitment company I’ve temped through that has followed up on my progress working in a new environment. They’re genuinely interested in how I’m going and always available to listen and provide advice. It's an absolutely fantastic service. Thanks Consult!


You have an exceptional team of consultants. Please continue doing what you’re doing by adding the personal touch in your dealings as it makes a big difference.


Just wanted to let Steve and the rest of the team at Consult know what a pleasure it is to be part of an amazing team that provide great support for us temps. I mean that I am actually regarded as a person and not just a name on a CV. I hope that I represent Consult in a professional manner and look forward to continuous work.


Steve was very professional and easy to talk to, and listened very well. He explained the role accurately and gave me some good interview tips. He was always very prompt in communicating to me and kept every promise he made.


I am really impressed with all the amazing consultants I’ve dealt with – their friendliness, and how professional and courteous they are. I always feel comfortable and listened to. I really do feel a part of Consult.


I was extremely happy - I was kept well-informed throughout the whole process and found it easy to relate to Steve.


The best team I have dealt with! Especially grateful to Steve and Crispin. You guys rock! Have been telling all my friends to not even bother with other agencies and come to see your team first. Thank you so much once again.


Steve was very professional. I was given a clear description about the role and he kept me up to date through the whole process. I was very happy with Consult and would highly recommend them.


Steve Langerak is awesome! Very genuine, down to earth, and provides clear honest information and a sense of humour! Consult Recruitment's honest approach to recruitment is very refreshing to see, and I'm happy to be one Steve's candidates!


The Consult Recruitment team are super awesome! I have no complaints - since I first met Steven for my interview you have kept me busy with assignments, you keep in touch with me, you send me little gifts for my hard work. I was really touched to receive a birthday email from the team and when I spoke to Gill at the beginning of that week she wished me happy birthday in advance, but what I did not expect was the birthday card and gift I received today. Thank you so very much, I was so touched it made my eyes leak! I feel so very appreciated and special.


The rumour says it all but experiencing it totally a different story. Consult's team are professional, reliable, honest, and expert.
They got me this awesome job and helped me settled into the job. They then assisted us in the largest project in our company history. It was hard work for all parties locally and globally but without Consult, the team would not be as solid as they are now.
So THANK YOU Steven and Crispin. I personally and on behalf of my company appreciate what you have done.


To date I have had a fabulous experience with the Consult Team. A great sense of interest in my experience and how they can direct and assist in my goals. Friendly & professional. I would like to thank you Steven for your follow up email as it is unusual to receive one from the Recruitment Director. I am very happy to be part of the Consult workforce.


Consult Recruitment have been amazing to work with. Very professional with a lot of great recruiting heads in Auckland.

They take every placement very seriously and make sure the placement is at the level required, they are not afraid of giving valuable feedback on the role, the price point and the type of candidate it will attract. They must have a large candidate base which is very helpful when you are searching for that ‘star’.


Steve worked hard to understand our needs and communicate well throughout this recruitment process.


Consult takes time to really know what role you are after. They care about the candidates as well as their clients. This is not just a tagline, they are authentic in their approach to this.


I have a very good relationship with and a lot of respect for Steve Langerak, I like the way he operates.


Steve has such a friendly personal relaxed yet professional approach. It made me feel that I indeed mattered and was not just another candidate.


Steve is easy to contact and follows up consistently.


High focus on the best customer experience. Subject matter experts in accounting and finance. 'gets it'


Catherine Halse and Steven Langerak were both helpful; knowledgeable about the local market; and seemed like they would be pro-active in finding work.


Steve and the Consults team members spared lots of time talking to me about market condition, positions and other points to be taken care of.


One of the best, if not the best, recruitment companies that I've dealt with!


Both Olivia and Steve are highly proactive and approachable. Within minutes of meeting them I had a job interview right up my alley. Consult understand client needs and candidate preference. Crispin gave precious advice on every aspect of seeking employment and professional development. I felt very supported and grateful for such attention. Thank you Team Consult!


Very happy with professional , friendly and helpfulness of team members at Consult that I have dealt with. Have dealt with Consult recruitment team for over 15 years and have seen the team grow from strength to strength. They have always provided both great support and guidance to me as an applicant looking for the next challenge and as an employer looking for new team members. The team is very professional , helpful and friendly. Would highly recommend them to companies and applicants.


Consult took the time to understand me and my business and therefore what the fit looks like. Great job!


Very helpful and quick to respond - always behaving very professionally and working hard to understand our business requirements and the right team fit. Have been great to deal with as both a candidate and the key person at a company requiring their support to recruit great finance team members.


I already have recommended Steven and Consult to a friend. I find the team at Consult professional and they have taken the time to understand what I am looking for as a candidate. They put me forward for positions which best match the opportunities I was seeking.


I like the people at consult. They give a personal touch and tries to understand the needs of clients to help them achieve their career goals.


Good personalised service. I have used Consult as both a candidate and employer have was impressed with their service from both perspectives. I would recommend them to anyone needing a recruitment professional in the accounting and finance space.


Very experienced team. Take time to understand candidates and have good relations in industry. Thanks Steve!


Thanks to Steve and the team at Consult! They match candidates to clients really well. High quality recruiting


They're professional - and they have a good understanding of the clients business, the role, and their candidates' capabilities.

I always get excellent service and great candidates.


No problems with services at all. All worked very well


Every single consultant I dealt with, as well as Steve Langerak (Director) went out of their way to ensure that I was put forward for the right positions and then made sure I would be paid what I was worth

Jacqueline Bagg

Good service and knowledgeable about the market

Les Harvey

Love the helpful information and quick responses


Great communication


Miles ahead of the competition wrt listening and understanding the candidate (ie me) and working to find something. Great communications via social, email etc.


Your consultants where knowledge able what my skills are. There was good follow-up when there was a staff change.


Friendly and professional staff. Seek to have good jobs


The big thing with Consult is around the interaction with you as a customer. The process is around building a relationship first with the sales aspect being secondary.


They place more emphasis on me as a candidate


Always friendly, informative and helpful and also make the effort to keep in touch fairly regularly.


They're genuine and professional in all of the dealings I have had with them. Angela and Steve create a wonderful culture and it shows through the team.


I have dealt with Consult for a long time and have built a good relationship with Steve / Seth / Adam.


Continual excellent support and great responsiveness


Excellent customer service & follow up


Very professional, very efficient, very friendly staff! Very happy to recommend to everyone!


Everyone I have dealt with at Consult has always had my best interest first and I appreciate the advice and feedback and contacting me on a regular basis. Not your typical recruitment agency at all.


Good communication and overall service