Vicky Guo

Talent Advisor

Vicky Guo

Talent Advisor

022 586 8118

Vicky is originally from Beijing, and moved to Auckland at the beginning of 2017 to join her family (and husband!). Vicky has got a masters degree in communication studies – which means when she reads this, she will be appalled at the lack of grammar, but it also means that while English is her second language – she speaks it better than the rest of the office.

The road to recruitment for Vicky was paved through working in different roles such as being an executive assistant in project management, and in career development and transition consulting. Through these roles what she realised was that she loves helping people succeed.

She is energised by people and love a good challenge – so recruitment is a great fit for her!

Vicky loves that being a new Kiwi means she is better than the rest of us at exploring this fine land. When she’s not working hard to find people accounting & finance roles, she is doing cool Kiwi stuff like snowboarding in the South Island. When its rubbish weather outside (not much!) Vicky enjoys playing the piano and watching movies at home.

If you are looking for a good accounting & finance contract or ideas on cool places in NZ to visit – get in touch with Vicky!

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