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Shannon Begley

Senior Consultant

Shannon Begley

Senior Consultant

027 247 3738

After graduating with a Bachelor of Business Studies (Honours), I immediately started off my career in recruitment. Having worked with many start-ups and large multi-national companies across Ireland – I then moved to Auckland to continue my career in recruitment. Apart from my clients and candidates remembering me from my strong Irish accent, many know me for being consistent, personable and always delivering to a high standard.

I have a passion for the technology industry and thrive to continuously learn and keep up to date with the latest trends. I truly believe in putting people first.

I learn and understand what people need, what is important to them and find the best way to work together moving forward.

My tailored approach allows me to find the impossible candidate, provide multiple contractors for a programme of work or simply providing a last-minute resource to help deliver a project in time. When I am not in work, I enjoy being active by playing football, going to the gym, long walks and trying new sports. I love trying new things to do, finding places to explore and enjoying my life in New Zealand.

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