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Richard Lloyd


Richard Lloyd


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My career has been a steady progress from hospitality, agency recruitment, telecommunications sales and internal recruitment. Having exposure to such different industries has allowed me to grow and meant that I have a very rounded background. These industries have allowed me to get a good understanding of human nature while the exposure to quite complex environments has meant I understand people’s needs and know how to identify the best talent for specific roles.

I believe my greatest assets are strong people skills and an ability to communicate effectively at any level. This understanding of people and my ability to develop strong relationships, both professional and personal, allows me to get the most out of any situation. Through out my career I have specialised in end to end recruitment as well as undertaking search assignments for high level hard to fill positions. 

Although I have predominately focused on the IT Arena, I have had success in different verticals due to my ability to connect with people at all levels.

I have a passion for working alongside clients, really getting to know their businesses and getting results. I am a team player and have always enjoyed working within a like minded people. My high set of moral values and work ethic, mixed with a sense of humour and down to earth attitude, puts me in good stead for further professional development.

I have a young family and am an avid sport lover. I enjoy keeping fit either through boxing, mixed cardio or taking the dog to Woodhill and I enjoy getting into the great outdoors as much as possible. If given the opportunity fishing would be my full-time occupation.

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