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Morgan Fleury

Talent Advisor

Morgan Fleury

Talent Advisor

021 158 1808

Morgan is one of those super interesting people that you meet in life. She’s already ticked a number of cool life boxes that make the rest of us feel a little like we’ve been slacking off. Additionally – she is super nice and not boasty either, so she’s the complete package!

Some of the interesting things: she’s spent a year working in Japan (yes, she was a covid brain gain for NZ) and probably is one of the only people in the world to have completed the 2020 Tokyo Marathon (okay, it was cancelled officially, but it didn’t stop Morgan doing it herself!!).

She owns a horse called Dolly, is a big Harry Potter nerd (self-described!), has done a BSc in Behavioural and Evolutionary Ecology (which explains why she is so amazing at working out what makes people tick!) and prior to covid did a bunch of travel with her fiancé Adrien.

Morgan has a wealth of executive search experience and works within our Marketing team – mostly on retained work with some of our favourite clients. She’s expert at connecting with some of the best people in town and over-delivering to her clients (which is a beautiful combination!).

When she’s not riding the horse, completing marathons or watching Harry Potter movies, Morgan can be found enjoying local travel – given she grew up in Auckland, she knows where all the great spots are.

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