From a tiny town in West Wales – Aberaeron (don’t try to pronounce it we’ve all failed…) and a family in banking spread across the globe it was only right for Tom to make the transition and join our Financial Services team. With a career a bit different to most, Tom has seen pretty much every corner of the globe with his earlier football career. A people person, who enjoys providing solutions Tom has worked in the world of sports recruitment.

Managing professional athletes (no one too big yet don’t worry!) and some of the best young talent here in Aotearoa. An avid coffee fan (a requirement of the Financial Services team), you’ll be sure to bump into him in one of Auckland’s cafés or on Sky Sports one Sunday afternoon still trying to kick that ball around.

I find Tom Shaw very helpful and very interesting to talk to.


Fast, to the point and honest service.


I feel Tom has taken care and time to understand my strengths and no doubt also assess my shortcomings from a client (employer) perspective. Understanding me and using that understanding to (potentially) place me is a subtle but quite different process to understanding an opening and then having an interview with me focus too much on that opening only.


Tom has been great, a good communicator and really open and straight up.