Teresa started her career off in pretty much the toughest working environment possible - the mining industry in Queensland Australia.  She developed some superb skills (including resilience!) while there and for the past six years she has been working in accounting.  One day, she plans to become a CA (or CPA).

Teresa fell in love with New Zealand over the years (no surprises there!), so when the perfect work opportunity came up for her husband mid-last year, they packed up their bags and have since made NZ their home. In her spare time she loves walking/hiking and exploring this beautiful country with her husband. Teresa has some travel ambitions and plans to hike in various countries around the world. She is also a massive animal lover and loves nothing more than to kick back on a Sunday afternoon and watch movies.

Teresa looks after Consult's accounting needs and is your go to person for any queries you might have around invoices you have received from us and most importantly getting paid - so feel free to get in touch with her about anything accounting related!

In terms of superpower - Teresa has impressed all the guys at Consult due to her PlayStation FIFA 19 prowess - though it was embarrassing to see them cry when they lost to her...