Part of growing up as a business means we've had to call the experts in. Our business is solely focused on people - whether it is our Consult team or our extended Consult family of temps and contractors - people are at the centre of what we do and what we are all passionate about it. So, finding a people and culture lead required a very special someone - which we've found in Sara.

Because she has worked extensively within the world of HR and recruitment (including doing recruitment herself) - she has a superb understanding of how we work and how to ensure that our people are well looked after.

She is passionate about supporting businesses to build a talented and engaged workforce and creating high performance culture.  She enjoy's working with diverse and passionate people, which is exactly why recruitment and Consult is such a great match for her.

Sara and her new hubby both hail from the deep (like deep deep) South, where the majority of their family still live. While traveling the world is high up their list, they love nothing more than going down home and spending time with their big family!   

In her spare time you'll find Sara at the gym, checking out sport (particularly rugby) or cooking (all things vegan!) She is a self-proclaimed crazy cat lady (we now have a few of those!), but loves all animals and volunteers at the SPCA when she can.