Renee hails from small town NZ (specifically, a lovely wee place called Waipu). She joined Consult soon after making the move to the big smoke, and the rest is history. Renee’s on a mission to get to know all of Auckland’s best contract accounting talent. She’s a clean eating enthusiast and on occasion enforces a Health Eating Week at Consult, after a period of particularly debauched morning teas.

She loves getting amongst the great outdoors, whether it be in the surf, fishing, hiking coastal tracks or playing netball. She’s also a demon on the foosball table (hit her up for a game next time you’re in - if you’re feeling lucky).

I have never come across agents like you. Real people investing in real people. Thank you very much Crispin and Renee for your time, effort, and energy in placing me in a role that I have passion for. I really appreciate your honest feedback, fast response, and open communication. You guys are awesome.


Words are not enough to describe how thankful I am toward the Consult team and Renee Russel in particular. I think they are awesome and helpful people, always try to help you in many ways they can, fast respond and professional. Highly recommend if you need someone to help you in job seeking.


I am so glad I went and met with Consult. They are not an ordinary recruitment agency. They are real and experienced! I met with Renee, she not only spent time understanding my background and career plan, but also gave helpful tips and advice. Thank you!


Always a pleasure dealing Renee and the team from Consult. They are always friendly and approachable and always go the extra mile. Thank you soooo much guys, keep up the AWESOME work!!!


Renee is extremely supportive and great to deal with.


Renee is the most efficient and passionate recruiter I have ever met. She loves helping job seekers and provides constant support to us. She is the best!


I'm so touched to have opened a congrats card from Renee and the team at Consult. Thank you so much for finding me a great contract with an awesome hourly rate. If it wasn't for that I wouldn't have had the confidence to ask for the salary I'm getting now. You're all outstanding and have set a high benchmark for other agencies to match.


I first met with Renee and felt welcome straight away. l was made to feel that I had something to offer and that the team would be working hard to find the right position. Many thanks!


I want to take this opportunity to acknowledge how truly amazing Renee is!

I recently wanted to apply for a role but had not heard of the company or had a connection with any of their staff members.
I rang Renee and asked her if she knew of the company and could shed any light on the company, culture, etc.
Renee then offered to assist with interview prep questions, if I needed it.
As the role was for an industry I have never worked before, I emailed to ask if I could ring to discuss. Renee replied the same day and agreed to take my call the very next day.

Renee displays excellent characteristics as a recruiter that goes far beyond what is expected of her. Especially as I felt this as I was applying via another agency – it did not matter.
Renee’s goal was to provide information about the company and to ensure I was ready for an interview.

Even though I did not secure the role, I will always come back and refer Renee and Consult Recruitment as my FIRST choice to any (accounting professional) seeking work.

To put things into perspective, I rang another agency on that Friday…my call only got returned on Tuesday.
All I am going to say is that customer service makes a BIG difference!

Thank you for having a gem like Renee on your team.


Crispin and Renee never gave up on me. They always stayed in touch and kept on putting me forward for opportunities.


Renee and team have been very helpful and professional


From the request follow up calls I received from Seth and Renee, I feel Consult really have my best interest at heart. I really appreciate the effort they have invested in finding me the right role.


Renee supported me from candidate to employee with professionalism that I have never experienced before. Renee has impeccable work ethics and has a real can do attitude. Both her and Marama followed up with me on a daily basis whether it was about a job or just catching up to say hi. She comes highly recommended, and won't hesitate to use her again. Both of them were amazing


During our meeting the contact from the consultants feels genuine and they are quite knowledgeable about the their area.


Renee is great - professional, yet down to earth and approachable.


I already spoke to a friend who was looking for another job in the Accounting & Finance field, the day after meeting with Renee and recommended that he contact Consult Recruitment. It was my first interview with Consult Recruitment and found the whole process very professionally done. The venue was easy to find with adequate parking, interview room was comfortable and staff was pleasant and knowledgeable.


At my interview, I found Renee to be very professional and knowledgeable. I feel I was spoken to from a candidate-focused perspective. Yes there are other job agencies that I have met, and in general, they are all very welcoming and professional, but I would still say Consult Recruitment has sort of special touch!


I think Consult is just about the only agency that treats candidates as a person! Thanks Renee and team.


Thank you to Renee and everyone in the team at Consult. It has been a nice and a precious experience working with you.


Excellent service - time critical recruitment successfully completed. Dependable consultant. Hence always use Consult for our recruitment needs. Many thanks to Renee for your help.


Renee is professional, approachable and dedicated to helping people in their career.


Renee is great to work with. She responds very quickly and the turnaround time is very fast.


Renee and her team are responsive, personable and absolutely great to deal with.


I really like Consult. They are professional, they care and they are really smart people to talk to.


Great first impressions - from initial contact, to arriving at the offices, to meeting the team. I like the vibe, the ethos, and the friendly, relaxed approach. Felt confident dealing with the team.


I have found the consultants to be very friendly and helpful.


Every touch point I have had with Consult has been outstanding. Truly the best recruitment agency experience I've had.... and I've been on both sides of the search process many times over my 30+ years in the workforce.


Treat candidates like a person and not just a number. Communicate regularly to keep the candidate informed.


Good experience of quality candidates and make the effort on relationships.


Understanding of candidate and matching to roles


Professional approach with the candidate and identify what opportunities may be available for the present and future


Dealings with them have always been good.


Good customer experience


You have the right balance between being serious, highly professional, focused and on point yet keeping things light and real. The desire to create long-term relationships shines through.


Consultants that I have dealt with have a friendly informal style though still present themselves as professionals. Responded promptly to phonecalls and emails - much appreciated.