Natasha has recently been awarded the title of Jargon Queen.  She knows more lingo than the rest of us put together (I would use some, but I just don't get it) - but quite frankly, her knowledge of 80's-90's superstars like Tom Cruise and Sylvester Stallone is appalling. 

However, she blitzed everyone in her Bachelor of Science Degree majoring in Psychology, so we're not going to argue with her.

Natasha is part of the Specialist team at Consult - making sure top talent is being introduced to the best employers in town.


Hailing from the art-deco capital of NZ (Napier), she likes nothing more than road trips to visit her family and her shih zhu x maltese dog named Honey. 

Natasha is very involved in music and the arts - you can find her singing covers on her Facebook and YouTube pages (yes for real!), or at local open mic nights.  We are currently working on having her sing the Consult song.  

You will find her checking out local cafes (she is a massive foodie), at a GRIT class at Les Mills, or surfing Pinterest for healthy slice recipes!