Morgan’s been recruiting business support roles for a few years (with great success). She has built a solid base of exclusive clients who prefer to work with her because she is well, amazing (hope she doesn’t read this though!). Her clients know that she makes their recruitment journey easy, she communicates openly and honestly, and she is able to source the talent that her clients are looking for. Which just goes to show that the impact one person can have in recruitment is huge.

Morgan grew up in L.A. (Lower Auckland), and has lived in London and Bulgaria. She knows sign language and is learning Te Reo (with a goal to be fluent in all three of NZ’s official languages) which means she is way more interesting than the majority of her workmates :)  She is also known as the ‘Mother of Snails’ - keeping the office snails safely housed in a fish tank on her desk. Outside of work, Morgan spends her time with her two nieces, friends and gin (in descending order!).