We've successfully reclaimed Marty from the Motherland, where he spent 10 years honing his marketing prowess for a variety of recruitment agencies in London.

In a bid to avoid his two year old daughter picking up an English accent and (shock, horror!) wearing shoes, he and his family moved back to Auckland earlier this year, enduring back to back winters (although it's not as bad as a Game of Thrones winter or even a British one).

Marty's passionate about demonstrating the value of marketing to recruitment businesses and the industry as a whole.  He's got a commercial but customer focused approach which is hugely important for us.  Marty is responsible for all things marketing, brand and PR at Consult and is integral to our goal of making work more awesome.

Being a closet marketing geek, he enjoys keeping up to date with the latest marketing trends and case studies, especially looking at what other industries are doing to see what can be adapted for the recruitment industry.

As well as catching up with old friends and visiting old haunts, Marty is really excited about watching Super Rugby, NZ cricket and the NHL ice hockey at a decent time of the day again!