Louise used to be in marketing - until she met Rich as a candidate and he convinced her to throw herself into the recruitment industry. Now six years on and having met hundreds of sales and marketing people - she has never looked back! Having actual work experience in the roles she recruits for has certainly helped her create a loyal following of sales and marketing experts who rely on Lou when they are needing to hire.

Louise has done a reverse OE of sorts - she was born in South Africa, raised in the UK and moved to NZ in 2008 (well she actually took a 3-month sabbatical from her job in London to travel NZ and after an (awkward) phone call back to work in the UK and many years later - NZ is officially home).

If tramping and the outdoors is your gig - Louise is the lady to speak with! She’s done the Oxfam 100km trail walk and has completed a bunch of the NZ great walks:  Lake Waikaremoana, Greenstone and the Routeburn, as well as hiked up the Franz Josef Glacier. She also spent five days kayaking down the Whanganui river - phew!

When she isn’t walking the length of NZ, Lou will be hanging out at home with the family, gardening and watching Netflix (she now totally takes back the eye rolling she used to do about these people when she was in her twenties, she gets it now!).  Since having her two awesome kids - she has also realised how crucial coffee is to a good recruiter!