Laura started her career off in Accountancy and Finance. After completing her accounting degree she trained in CIMA and worked as a hedge fund analyst and in finance for Mercedes-Benz. Then she realised she could use her people-centric superpowers for the greater good by recruiting in accounting & finance - and so she has spent the last 5 years helping those in accounting & finance into great new roles. (Good call Laura!)


Laura has recently got married (aaaaawwwwww!) and has two fur baby Chihuahuas: Rocky and Poppy, who she openly admits that she loves more than her husband. Laura is a huge animal lover and 90% vegan (we think that means 10% of her time she gorges on ribs and steak?!!). When she isn’t working, she is hanging with the pooches, smashing out the yoga and testing out her new vegan cooking skills on anyone who is willing! (We are! We are!!)

Laura fell in love with New Zealand after travelling / holidaying here two years ago, so has dragged hubby back here to make NZ their home. Laura’s focus at Consult is on roles in Accounting & Finance. If you’re looking to work with someone who really understands your role, is keen and happy to help people progress their careers as well as helping clients find their next awesome new hire - then Laura is the lady to call!