Donna hails from the home of sauce - Worcester (which apparently none of us can pronounce correctly).  She's now a NZ citizen, a proud kiwi passport owner and passed the All Blacks vs England supporter test with flying colours.  She goes to any AB games that she can, and has promised to train everyone on the Consult haka - so yeah - she fits in well!

Donna sometimes brings Bosco the pooch into our office, and it is fair to say that he is more well behaved and (definitely cuter) than pretty much all of us. Plus, he improves productivity tenfold within the office and reduces stress - so we are all winning! 

Donna's weekends are spent decorating the new house - so she is pretty much living the Auckland dream (less the smashed avocado on toast!).  If you have any gardening tips Donna is all ears - trying to distinguish between a weed and a plant is a tough call sometimes (she is planting avocado trees...)!

Donna had a finance career in the UK spanning over eight years, and found her happy place in Learning & Development in the land of the long white cloud.  After studying the way adults learn, she brings to Consult great process implementation, enthusiasm, a passion for learning and she’s been told she's a bit of a bantersaurus rex during training (we think that's is a good thing!).