Dave is originally from Derry (Northern Ireland for those of you with geography as bad as mine!) - which means Dave has a cool accent and is always happy!  NZ was his first stop on his round the world trip before he realised that NZ was epic and it became his only stop (lucky for us!) - the rest they say is history! 

Dave started his career as a journalist but realised early on that there isn’t much money in it - so he started selling media instead of writing it (smart move!).  A chance meeting led him into an interview with a global recruitment company where he spent 7 years - initially specialising in Finance & Accounting Recruitment before moving into the Technology space where he built a strong team of 6 consultants and generally smashed it!

In 2020 (the year who must not be named) - he rounded out his experience by moving into an internal recruitment role for the largest technology company in NZ where he gained some great experience & understanding of recruitment for a tech business from the inside.

After a long time catching up with him, we were lucky enough to have Dave join us this year (which just goes to show that if you keep pestering people - you sometimes get the outcome you are hoping for!) .  Dave is an exceptional recruiter with a long line of supporters and a brilliant network who we are rapt to bring into the Halo and Consult business!  As a Client Solutions Manager Dave is able to use all the knowledge gained from working in an internal role and is helping loads of clients move their businesses forward through accessing quality tech talent. 

In his spare time, (well we aren’t sure if he really has any as him and his wife have two kids!), he watches football (having recently hung up his boots), and is developing a mild obsession with golf (so he is in good company here!).  If you’re in the tech space and need an expert to help you succeed in finding top talent (or if you are looking for someone else with a golf obsession!) - get in touch with Dave for a chat!