CPA Australia supports the next generation of talent, with a focus on finance and accounting professionals, by providing a valuable set of career resources. The CPA Career Mentor website is your 24/7 career mentor and the home of these resources, including job seeking, career and professional development advice, information on how to become a CPA and inspirational stories from CPAs on the leadership track. Visitors can also Ask A Mentor a question and get an answer from a pool of highly-respected CPAs and FCPAs from across the globe. CAREER ADVICE Do you want to know when to get promoted? Or how to communicate with stakeholders? The CPA Career Mentor website has the practical answers you are looking for to answer hundreds of career questions.

JOB SEEKING ADVICE Did you know that a cover letter mistake could cost you your dream job? When you are on the hunt for a new job, particularly if it’s your first job, the going can get tough, but you can minimise mistakes and maximise your chances of hearing the golden words ‘You’re hired!’ by getting advice from CPA Career Mentor. PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT TIPS Do you want to work smarter - not harder - and learn how to be a top performer? Whether you are completing formal studies at university or developing new skills in the workplace CPA Career Mentor’s professional development advice will help you become your best.