We are all secretly jealous of Catherine.  She actually does all the things we say we are going to do, but we never quite get to.  If it's travel - she has been there.  If its food - she has tried it (even the scary stuff).  Yoga - yep, she is a yogi.  Pretty much, we all make up what we did on the weekend to sound interesting compared to her!

Catherine is probably one of the best things to come out of South Africa since well, Greg Savage left. 

Catherine has superb experience recruiting for Finance & Accounting roles.  Being a people-loving, problem-solving type of gal, match-making in the business world was the perfect career choice. Other traits that have lent themselves exceedingly well to a career in recruitment include: extreme attention to detail, a terrifyingly pristine desk, and a memory like an elephant.

It's no wonder that Catherine is one of our most successful consultants.  In fact, when we perfect our cloning machine - she will be in one of the first batches.

Catherine is friendly, informative and knowledgeable.


Catherine is very helpful & genuine and had good opportunities on offer.


I was really impressed with Catherine and I have build a solid professional relationship with her. Working together I know that she will help me to achieve my goal.


Catherine is very accommodating and willing to help in a professional manner


Catherine who dealt with me provided me with excellent service!


Catherine and everybody at Consult are very helpful and really meet the candidates expectation in job search. Great work!


Catherine is articulate, accommodating and friendly. She gave me helpful interview tips and advice and updates (emails and phone calls) from time to time re my job search and interview schedule.


I found Catherine very professional, thorough and friendly. No hidden surprises. The whole sign up process was easy. Time sheeting is easy.


Sarah and Catherine have both been splendid with their interaction, transparent and precise in their approach.


Catherine was really very helpful and they meet the candidates expectation in job search. Well done to all!


I experienced great Service from Catherine and found all the candidates put forth fantastic!


Catherine is very professional, keeping me up to date with everything. Consult is the only agency to do this.


I felt the way the interview was conducted gave me confidence that Consult fully understood my situation, background and skill set and would be able to confidently represent me to any prospective employer. Meeting Catherine broadened my knowledge


Catherine Halse and Steven Langerak were both helpful; knowledgeable about the local market; and seemed like they would be pro-active in finding work.


I have found Seth and Catherine to be highly professional and genuinely interested in finding the right role/fit for me. Catherine has been super diligent in following through. Even though I was offered a role not through Consult Recruitment, I have already recommended you to two others.


I had good contact and very friendly service from Catherine. Great stuff!


Cat was in touch with me all the time and gave valuable advice.


Made the effort to keep in touch with me over several years, despite the fact we've yet to get together on an assignment.

Cat is very competent and professional.


Cat and the Consult team has helped me to get great roles and they are very thorough with their job search to make sure the role is well suited for the candidate.


Catherine was really friendly and went out of her way to stay in touch and make sure I'm happy in my role. Friendly and always easy to talk to, working with Consult Recruitment has been a fantastic experience!


We were very impressed by the efficient, friendly and accommodating service we received from Cat and the team at Consult Recruitment. And the user-friendly systems makes my life so much easier!


I really felt like Consult and Catherine give personal service, you feel remembered and that they know who you are.


Thanks to Cat and the team at Consult. The service is almost too good to be true


Seth and Catherine are a highly efficient team, as well as very friendly helpful. In personal opinion, I trust these two people.


Good engagement and follow ups


The team were very responsive during a short turn around time. Olivia in Takapuna was lovely to talk to on the phone and Catherine gave some great tips on interviewing.

Lisa Leport-Symonds

I like that as a candidate you keep in contact with me. You keep me in mind for roles as they come up and then contact me about them.


Professional and friendly staff


Catherine and Sarah were very friendly and made me feel comfortable before starting the conversation. I also like the blogs by consult recruitment, it improves the knowledge on various aspects we do not even realize. Also, Catherine was in touch to ask for updates on my current role and to share some information on any new relevant opportunities she has for me.


They always keep in contact and are approachable.


Great communication. Positive and informative conversations. Good information and blogs on website


Everyone is always helpful and professional


Very proactive and pleasant to deal with.


The staff has been excellent esp Catherine Halse. She kept track of me and any job opportunities that may suit me.I find dealing with Consult Recruitment Team is much easier than other Recruitment Agents.


All consultants are very friendly, consistently keeps in contact and takes care to accommodate my preferences.


I have worked with Consult for a number of years as a client. They have delivered on our business requirements 95% of the time. They are professional and easy to work with.I am now in a position where I am utilising their services as a candidate and they have been informative and helpful.