I started with Halo back in 2016 looking after the Office Management side of things, but quickly found my niche in looking after our growing contractor book. Once a contractor is placed through Halo I ensure all compliance paperwork is complete and the contractor is prepped and ready to start with the client. Throughout the contractor’s time with Halo I ensure I am on hand for any support they may need. This can range from contract extensions, our timesheet system, insurance cover etc. I love looking after people and being Halo’s point of contact for anything contractor related.

I thrive on being a part of the incredible Halo brand and adding to our contractor’s Halo experience. I try hard to be as efficient and diligent as I can for both contractor and consultant needs to ensure everything continues to run smoothly. When I'm not in the office I can more often than not be found living in a tent at one of New Zealand’s beautiful beaches, catching up with friends, looking after the animals or if the opportunity arises –travelling!