Anna has  recently moved back to her homeland Auckland from sunny Sydney with fresh eyes and is so excited to expand her skill set in her first recruitment role with Consult. Graduating with a Bachelor of Communications (Public Relations) Anna has worked in event management and more recently in finance in collections, credit control and accounts receivable roles.

Though she has worked in Finance for the last six years Anna has also had experience behind the bar, in retail and babysitting and is hoping her experience across the board will help her new career as a Talent Finder. Who knows when you are gonna need someone to pour a good beer right?


Her love for travel developed from a young age when she went to China as a member of her school orchestra as a Cellist and has more recently traveled to India where she completed her 200 hours as a yoga instructor. She is a lover of all things that make her the best version of herself which include running, solo dancing in front of the mirror, gyming and singing to Celine Dion in the shower.