Anna has been looking for the right new home for her for the past year - a home that is fun and supportive, goal oriented and encourages consumption of good food, coffee and wine as part of the job.... and she's found it at Consult.

Having had significant experience recruiting Accounting and Finance for over 8 years, Anna wanted to see if she could switch her ability to understand an organisation, build good relationships, understand a client's need, and find the right match, into a different field. 

Now with experience in Property Recruitment (a very different beast to Accounting) and having filled amazing roles like the Head of Learning and Development for Universal Music in the States, Anna is excited to build Consult's offering into Management Roles, across an organisations management team. 

LOADS more coffees to come! 

And with two little boys at home, and a builder husband who constantly has a project underway, Anna needs all the coffees she can get (please help her and call for a coffee anytime).