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Georgia McLeish

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Georgia McLeish

Talent Finder

021 242 6426

When Georgia walked in the door as a candidate and told us all about her love for people (and that her mum was an accountant – that is by coincidence BFF with Dyan) we just knew she was going to be a perfect recruit for Consult. Combine all of this with her recently completed post-grad in psychology and we knew recruitment would be a match made in heaven. 

Since starting at Consult she has been selling us all the Hibiscus Coast dream (we’re talking endless scenic walks & beautiful beaches). Also, we don’t know how we keep doing it but we have managed to attract another member for Consult Cat Lovers Club (it’s an actual thing!). We promise this isn’t in our interview criteria!

Georgia is also rugby-mad and a loyal Blues supporter which always an added bonus in the Consult office.

We’re super stoked to have Georgia join us as a Talent Finder in our temp team so if you’re an accounting superstar looking for your next temp role give Georgia a call – she’s sure to help!

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