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Dyan Pirihi

Financial Controller

Dyan Pirihi

Financial Controller

09 410 7235

Dyan swears she’s not very interesting which actually makes her more interesting by just saying that. (we are thinking perhaps she’s an undercover secret agent!?) What is maybe not so undercover about Dyan is that she is our very own Consult finance superstar.

Dyan is the glue that holds our finance team together, is super efficient and knows a thing or two about how to mix the perfect Gin & Tonic (which wasn’t on the job description but certainly is a value add!!). Dyan was also one of our first candidate placements about 13 years ago, so it is fair to say she has grown up with us and knows a lot about Consult.

When she’s not being undercover finance secret agent for Consult; what Dyan enjoys most is hanging with her gorgeous family. Second to that she can be found getting her 10,000 steps a day walking the dogs around her local.

And last but not least she spends a good chunk of time reading novels; although she refutes that her number one read book is Casino Royale (James Bond for those spy novel newbies).

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