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Alisa Moore

Talent Manager

Alisa Moore

Talent Manager

022 046 6153

We knew all about Alisa before we knew about Alisa. Someone had said – “who is an epic researcher/super talent finder?” and Alisa’s name was shouted out! For Alisa, recruitment is all about building meaningful connections, helping people on their career journey to better and brighter things, as well as helping our clients find the right people to help build and grow their businesses into something truly special.

With a background in sales and administration, Alisa has worked in a diverse range of industries, from film distribution right through to education and retail. She made the shift into the world of recruitment 2.5 years ago, starting as a Para Consultant before stepping up into a researcher role where she currently focuses on top talent in the IT & Digital space.

She has her black belt in LinkedIn sourcing and is regularly found sharing her knowledge with others to help them to awesomeness.

Coming from the mighty Wellingtown, she is mad about films, all things sugary, as well as hiking and travel. Alisa’s happy place is traversing intrepid landscapes…or grabbing dessert at Milse in Britomart.

If you’re looking for an IT & Digital role, or if your company needs a great candidate in any of these areas, please reach out to Alisa and she’ll help sort you out!

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