08 September 2021
Chief Operating Officer

 September 8, 2021 Oli Sanford-Scutt
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08 September 2021
Chief Operating Officer

The Organisation
ICT is perhaps one of the most successful New Zealand companies you might never have heard of, yet you encounter their business most days when you use a swipe card to go to work, when you use a keypad for access control or when you use an intercom or intruder detection technology.  A kiwi company built on expert knowledge and skilled technology that is ahead of its time - much of ICT’s success has been due to their relentless desire to serve their customers with solutions they need in an ever complex world.

ICT is now a world leading manufacturer of unified and intelligent electronic access control and security solutions that enable organisations to protect their people, operations and information.  

With humble origins and despite its success, ICT has retained its approachable yet expert focus.  When others might boast about how successful they are, ICT’s people are focused on ‘what’s next?’ and how can they continue to evolve and serve their clients more.  Speaking of clients, ICT reads like a who’s who of the business world - IBM, Bank of New Zealand, SAP, The Ritz-Carlton, and HSBC are amongst an impressive list of clients worldwide.

With around 200 staff (growing weekly!) based mostly in Albany, Auckland, ICT also has offices in Melbourne, Colorado, Toronto, and partners elsewhere - ICT is a true global player that has succeeded in retaining a strong sense of kiwi origins.

With huge year on year growth and demand, the company continues to go from strength to strength, and right now is a wonderful time to begin the journey with such an impressive organisation.

From a culture perspective - ICT is a great example of a successful organisation that hasn’t lost sight of who it is.  Despite its growth, it remains a family focused organisation, one where people join because they are welcomed, because they can innovate and be a part of the journey.  It’s a fun company, where the team is well looked after and people can be themselves.  As a result of this, turnover is low, knowledge and experience is high and the company enjoys a sense of purpose and community.

The Role
Newly created; the Chief Operating Officer role is integral to not only the continued success of the business, but also to free the CEO time to continue the business on its growth journey.  In terms of COO roles - this one is nice and broad and fairly organic.  Key aspects of this role are to support the CEO via implementing systems and processes that continue to support substantial growth.

You’ll enjoy being the right hand person to the CEO.  As your knowledge of the business strengthens, you’ll enjoy a role where you can take on more responsibility over time.  ICT is known for its manufacturing and product excellence, and this role is to ensure that the business always delivers with operational excellence too.

This role requires exceptional operational and relationship skills - the ability to take a well run and organised business into its next phase of growth and to ensure from an operations point of view that the business is set up for success into the future.  From a relationship perspective, the role requires the ability to form strong and enduring connections with innovative, technically focused people who are experts in their field.

Your Profile
You’re likely currently in a COO role and looking for a challenge in a new growth environment.  You’ll be working with highly technical experts, so prior experience in a manufacturing, electronics or security focused organisation will be of particular interest.

Likely, you’ll be able to evidence prior experience in a growth environment, and success in implementing new systems and processes that have supported growth over time.  Experience with an organisation that manufactures, exports and operates globally would be ideal.

Change management, project management and driving excellence in internal operations are your focus.  You’ll be results oriented and commercially savvy.

A strong emphasis is based on your soft skills.  We are looking for a relationship builder, someone who is credible and able to connect with others in a highly technical and innovative environment.  You’ll be confident and resilient, you’ll be a solution seeker and a problem solver, you’ll enjoy working in a team environment and collaborating with ideas for new paths to success.  

Because you’re working with a diverse team and one that is partially remotely located - you’ll need to be an exceptional communicator - someone who has the ability to read the room despite not being in the room and someone who has good instinct EQ.

Building a strong trust relationship with your CEO is essential.  Lucky for you - he is a pretty easy to get along with bloke who is really looking forward to you joining the team!

Next Steps
This really is a great role with an organisation that is exceptional.  We’d love to work with you to see if it can become your next career move.

In terms of next steps: 
Due to the volume of vacancies we are experiencing right now, it is easiest/fastest if you email through your details and we can organise a time to have a confidential discussion.

Oliver Sanford-Scutt, Morgan Vincent and Angela Cameron are focused on this role.

Email to Oli Sanford-Scutt oli@consult.co.nz, or Morgan Vincent morgan.vincent@consult.co.nz
  • World leading technology with proud Kiwi roots
  • Supportive, purpose driven culture across their 200 staff
  • Newly created role; continue the success of the business

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