15 November 2023

 November 15, 2023 
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15 November 2023

)Wexer isn't just a fitness tech company; it's a force transforming the global wellness and fitness industry. Specialising in cutting-edge platforms that deliver wellness and fitness on a virtual and mobile basis, we're not only shaping the gym experience but also a diverse range of industries for their customers and employees.

In the fitness revolution of recent years, Wexer’s customer base has grown exponentially and they have delivered over 25 million digital experiences, fuelled by the unbeatable quality of Wexer’s products and content, and the growing trend of people embracing work and exercise from the comfort of their homes, offices, hotels, etc.

In the last 24 months, Wexer received a significant investment from Gainline Capital Partners who have already invested heavily in the fitness industry, with a stable of world-leading equipment brands, and this has helped launch a strong acquisition programme.

As Wexer rides the wave of the booming virtual wellness and fitness industry, the possibilities for growth are limitless. They are not looking for a traditional CFO; Wexer is on the hunt for a personality with a growth mindset, ready to propel them to new heights. You’ll drive M&A activities and help shape key decisions affecting the future of the business.

Wexer’s finance team is compact, so you will be across everything. You'll be able to keep the financial gears turning without any fuss, but your main focus will be growth.

If you're a qualified accountant with a flair for the commercial side, who is a great/confident communicator, a taste for the M&A rollercoaster, and a passion for the industry. This is not a role for a traditional CFO figure role but for someone who wants to join a company they can grow with, and that matches your ambition.

Join Wexer on this global journey where every day is a chance to influence, innovate, and inspire. Apply online now or if you want to have a chat please call Catherine (021 212 0345) at Consult Recruitment.
  • Global role
  • Newly created role
  • M&A Focus

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