Hiring good people is hard. Hiring great people is even harder AND…great people make great businesses.

Whether it's a permanent, contract/temporary or fixed-term role, we find exceptional talent at all levels for the executive, accounting, finance, business support,
HR, legal, marketing and sales 
functions, across a wide range of industries.

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Love at first sight is fine...but we like to think we're in the long term relationship business.

We take more time than most companies to get to know you. So while our first meeting or two might take a bit longer than some, it’s all part of our evil cunning plan to get to know you really well so you keep coming back, and make us both happier than clams at high tide (which Google tells us is very happy indeed).

But just in case you were wondering...with 25 consultants we are one of the largest specialist recruitment agencies in NZ, and they are exceptional at focusing on your success. They don't sit on job boards, they proactively keep connected with the top talent you need regardless of their current career status.

If you'd like you to digitally high-five one of our team or listen to their dulcet tones to get you through your work day, find the best person for you to connect with on our team page.

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