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Introducing Oli Sanford – Scutt!

The first weeks in any company or new environment tend to be one that is filled with a whole range of emotions including everything from nerves, excitement, to a feeling of the unknown before you walk through the door. I can confirm that I too had all of these emotions on Monday in the lift coming up to the 2nd floor of my first day with Consult (yes even a hardy seasoned recruiter gets the first-day jitters!). Having spent my first week behind the desk, I couldn’t be more excited with what’s to come.


  1. Environment matters.  This is the best/coolest space I have worked in – EVER. (Come visit for a coffee to see what I mean).
  2. Everyone in the business is awesome and genuinely motivated to support each other.
  3. They play pretty awful background music.  And I like it.
  4. We are BUSY!!  No chance for me to ease into it!
  5. Quality absolutely is at the heart of everything we do.  Which is how it should be but too often isn’t.
  6. Everyone matters. There are no boundaries, barriers or blocks on our communication channels.
  7. I’ll be bringing in my own packed lunch as I can smell the baking at Amano and it will cost…
  8. We have a Hui on Friday.  I’m scared I may need to bring my best haka…
  9. Our core values run through the heart of every aspect of our working week
  10. I have some serious competition with the FIFA, table tennis and golf putting tournaments in the office. Practice makes perfect!
  11. I am so looking forward to reconnecting with clients and candidates and helping out new ones.

Business foundations are built upon one key ingredient, their people. Providing employees with the right platform, culture and support to thrive is invaluable in unlocking the best results from any workforce. Here at Consult we understand this from over 11 years of living and breathing our clients and candidates journeys, coupled with a collective circa 250 years of recruitment experience. We are certainly one of Auckland’s recruitment brontosaurus’s!

A massive thank you to Angela, Paul, Steve and the whole team at Consult for making myself, Laura and Harry (my fellow new starter colleagues) for making us feel so welcome and hyped for what’s ahead.

If you’re looking for your next move, looking to strengthen your team, need salary advice for yourself or someone in your team, or a cup of Auckland’s finest recruitment Coffee, give me a call!

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Scam Alert: Beware of scammers on Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp posing as Consult Recruitment employees. If you're contacted on these platforms about job opportunities, please don’t reply and inform us here.