“Own It” is a Consult core value, and it is one that David McGregor has in spades.  

McGregor (yes, even his mum calls him McGregor!) is incredibly driven and ambitious and this has seen him succeed ahead of time in both banking and law.  In joining Consult to focus on our Executive Recruitment, McGregor now also has the ability to help transform businesses through people - which frankly is incredibly rewarding.  


Tell us about your career to date

Lawyer to Banker to Recruiter!  I started my legal career in restructuring, workouts and finance (pretty grim time in the economy!), then specialised in corporate and M&A law.  I’d always been passionate about finance so I ended up joining NZ’s largest Banking & Finance legal team where I worked on some fantastic transactions for both financiers and major borrowers.

In my last legal role, I dealt with a lot of bankers - a couple suggested my skill-set and approach would go well in relationship banking. I was very keen to get closer to business than law allows - banking was a perfect move. As a brand new banker, I very quickly became one of Auckland's most successful commercial bankers (and had some pretty great clients too!).

My first new commercial client was Consult, I built a fantastic relationship with the directors over the years and here I am today now lucky enough to be part of their story!  


Why Recruitment?

Recruitment was a very natural progression and career step for me - my underlying professional motivation is helping businesses and their owners grow and succeed, it’s hugely rewarding.  

For me, recruitment is one of the very few areas you can make a direct and massive impact on any business - hiring the right talent changes lives, for both employer and employee. I’ve seen time and time again either the successful transformation the right person brings to a business or the (all too common...) mess that hiring the wrong talent can entail.  


Why Consult?

I’m not sure I’d be a recruiter with anyone else if I’m honest.  Consult are top of the market, obsessed with delivering excellent experiences for both clients and candidates, and owned by some fantastic mentors of mine.  They are focused on building and nurturing relationships for the long-term which resonates deeply with my approach to doing business.

I also get to have coffees and learn directly from Greg Savage, a global recruitment guru who is also one of our director/owners!  That’s unique in the NZ market and pretty cool.


How would you describe yourself?

Passionate, driven, slightly impatient, and happy to make fun of myself.


What is your focus at Consult?

I’m a Senior Advisor in our growing Executive and Senior Management team.  

My main focus is in Finance, Banking & Financial Services, and Legal across executive/senior roles. This includes talent in C-suite, GM, Head Of, and senior manager levels, and private or in-house lawyers right up to partner and General Counsel level.


What do you do outside of work?

I’m blessed to have an exceptionally active and talented wee daughter who keeps me super busy and very grounded. We have endless fun together (dragon hunting is a favourite adventure!).    

I can’t not mention this - I grew my lawn from scratch so tending my pride and joy is mission critical too! I also watch far too much sport for a long-suffering fan of hopeless teams!


What are you most proud of?

Surviving and successfully managing three careers already!  


Is there something about you that surprises people?

Something that definitely surprises people (...more accurately terrifies) - I’m an identical twin!


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