The biggest growth in your career comes when you challenge yourself.

Our world is changing at an exceptional rate. And so are our careers. Gone are the days where staying with one employer throughout your life is expected and even revered.  

At Consult, we are finding it is becoming very common for accountants to choose a career as a professional contractor instead of opting for permanent employment. A lot of our contractors say it is due to the flexibility, change of pace, excitement and different industry experiences contracting can offer.


Have you been thinking about trying your hand at contracting but something is holding you back? Maybe you think it won’t be good for your career to make this massive change.


Consult has been placing professional contractors for about 10 years and I have personally been working with contractors for over 3 years. I see a lot of myths around contracting and I’m here to bust some of those:


Myth 1: My CV will look flighty

Careers are changing. And fast. With that change also comes a change in how people view careers and employees. On average people aren’t working for a big company for 25+ years anymore. Some professionals only stay with their company for an average of 2 - 5 years.

As long as they have valid reasons for each move and can demonstrate an element of loyalty. This is particularly true when hiring a professional contractor. Employers understand that it’s part of the current market and comes with having that type of job.

Another plus from moving around in your career is getting that different industry experience. That plus a diverse skill set might just get you your next job.

Myth 2: No job security between contracts 

The current job market is very positive and with technology moving so quickly, employers are increasingly looking to contractors to provide immediate cover for projects.

If you are good at what you do, willing to be a strong networker and ready to get in there and get the job done, you should be able to pick up consistent work. In the accounting profession our clients are consistently seeking contractors to cover during year-end, with system implementations and to cover extended leave or while they run a permanent process.


Myth 3: Temporary and contract work is short-term 

More often than not, if a contractor is doing an excellent job we will see their contracts being extended (and some even receive permanent offers). Not in every case of course, but often.

Due to the nature of the work accountants do, often it is very difficult for someone to go in for a week and make a difference. So for accountants, it’s usually a long game in terms of the types of contracts they do. Projects can be anywhere up to a year. We have seen some contractors get pulled into other areas of the business and stay in an assignment for several years! (Longer than some of the permanent staff).

If you think about it, the risk is no bigger than taking another permanent job, where the trial period is 3 months during which an employer can terminate you at any time. 


Myth 4: You can’t develop new skills or get training & development

Being exposed to all sorts of different companies, work environments and people will help you acquire skills you might not even be aware of. And at a quicker pace than your mate in his permanent role.

You can have down-time you have between contracts to attend courses. Or if you prefer (and don’t have any time between contracts) you can tap into today's technological advantages and do online courses.

Most of your accounting skills will be transferable which means you can become a decent all-rounder by knowing different systems, legislation and accounting practices in different environments. This will only strengthen your personal development. 


Myth 5: Becoming a contractor is too complicated

It doesn’t have to be! Partnering with agencies can massively help you in the setup process and give you some resources. Next week I will be talking about the entire process and give you some helpful tips if you’re thinking of venturing out and becoming a professional contractor (exciting stuff!)


Make the big move to a more diverse, exciting and challenging career choice today! If you’re thinking of becoming a professional contractor and you’re looking for a guiding hand, get in touch with Renee today.


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