This week, Harry Dev Singh shares the top tips and insight he is giving clients and candidates that work in the accountancy firms and advisory space. Harry specialises in the recruitment of client facing roles across business advisory, audit, tax and corporate finance, covering Big 4, mid-tier and boutique practices across New Zealand.

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What are Accounting Firms looking for in their candidates?

Accounting Firms are looking for versatility and value add. Candidates need to understand what differentiates them as a job seeker from the other talent in the market. Most importantly, they need to be current with new technologies, systems and tax processes which adds value to the business, especially in this era where work is being automated or moved off-shore.


What advice are you giving Accounting Firms candidates at the moment?

Be selective with your job hunt and don’t feel pressured by any external party. Ensure you do adequate due diligence and research on the company before signing on the dotted line.

Always try to look towards the bigger picture. Ascertain how this opportunity could enhance your technical skills to benefit your career in the long term.

Given that no two accounting firms are identical, it's crucial to ensure you pick the right company that will not only grow your technical skills, but also be a cultural fit.


What advice are you giving Accounting Firms looking to hire at the moment?

Be aware that this is a candidate driven market, whereby good talent often have multiple options on the go, as well as counter offers from their present employers.

By taking this on-board, and ensuring a sense of urgency in terms of the decision making process, this will lead to a positive outcome on both sides.


What market insight can you provide at the moment?

A key message on my part really would be to have the right representation. Partner with a specialist recruiter that understands the market and how Accounting Firms operate. Someone who really takes the effort to meet candidates and clients in person, and therefore will have a strong sense of cultural fit. Hence, ensuring the best interests of all parties are looked after on a long term basis.

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