Recruiters are a pretty unflappable bunch.

You won’t survive long in the this game if you can’t cope with unpredictable behaviour and curly situations on the daily. We’re in the business of dealing with real live humans after all, and that’s all part of the fun.

However, there are a few sentences that will make the blood drain out of a recruiter’s face faster than you can say “I didn’t want that job anyway”.

Here they are (you have been warned):

1. “My old boss was a b****”

Most of us have had a bad boss somewhere along the way, but it’s a sign of maturity to be able to talk about your reasons for leaving in a diplomatic way. If you spend half your interview talking about how awful your boss was, you can bet your recruiter’s going to start getting very nervous about your interpersonal skills.

2. “I’ve been put forward for a job, but I don’t know any details”

This one’s a serious facepalm trigger for recruiters.

It’s pretty common for people to work with multiple recruitment agencies when they’re job searching. But you need to be very careful not to end up in a situation where your details are being submitted for a vacancy by multiple recruiters. If you don’t know what jobs you’re being put forward for, you run a serious risk of this happening.

3. “No, I haven’t talked to my current boss about my concerns”

Recruiters get extremely jittery when people start looking for greener pastures when their issues with their current job could be easily solved. It’s a quick route to a counter-offer – which can be a real career-killer.

If you think you deserve a pay rise, you should address it with your boss – they may have no idea you’re underpaid. If you’re not feeling challenged, you owe it to your manager to give them an opportunity to give you some new responsibilities. If you don’t ask, you don’t get!

4. “Oh, by the way I have a holiday to Hawaii booked next month”

Argh! No! There are few things more frustrating for a recruiter (and their clients) than securing a job offer for their candidate, only to find out they have a holiday booked in the months after the start date.
Flag any planned leave early in the process. It won’t necessarily impact your chances of landing your dream job. But waiting until the eleventh hour to let everyone know sure as hell will.

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