2019 has started out brilliantly at Consult in part due to the addition of some great new team members who we would love to introduce:


Harry Dev Singh

We’ve kept an eye on Harry for a long while - actually - on quite a few roles he was our recruitment nemesis, so it's good to have him on the Consult team finally!  A very successful consultant, particularly in the professional space recruiting for accounting firms - Harry’s focus is really well aligned with ours:

“Look after people, and you will find long-term success”

Harry is well known amongst Auckland’s best accounting firms.  Super well connected from intermediate through to partner level - Harry is looking forward to being able to help those in audit, tax, BAS, corporate finance and insolvency/restructuring spaces find talent or find a new work home.


Oli Sandford-Scutt

We had just lamented the fact that finding recruiters with solid accounting & finance experience (including NZ experience) who are a good culture fit for Consult was really hard and the next day, Oli called!  (Talk about divine intervention!).

Oli has over 10 years experience in recruitment and has recruited for accounting & finance roles in both Auckland and in the UK.  He is really energised to be back recruiting in the New Zealand market, having made Auckland his long-term home.

Oli is focusing primarily on permanent recruitment in the Accounting & Finance space at all levels from transactional through to CFO level and is really enjoying reconnecting with all his Auckland networks as well as meeting new candidates and clients.


Laura Sandford-Scutt

If Oli calling us out of the blue wasn’t enough, he then told us that his wife was also an Accounting & Finance recruiter looking to settle in Auckland! It was like Christmas and New Years all at once (or a great deal plus the ginsu knives!).

Laura brings a bunch of Accounting & Finance recruitment experience with her. She also studied and (CIMA) trained while working in finance, so she really understands the roles.  Laura is focusing on temporary and contract recruitment in the accounting & finance space.

If you are a good temp or contractor and are looking for some good roles or if you are looking to hire some of Auckland’s best contract talent, get in touch with Laura!

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